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Success Stories

Hear from customers and industry experts and learn how NECK X® can help you.

Hear From Industry Experts

Video Testimonials

Learn more about the NECK X® and how it can help you by watching these video testimonials from industry experts.

Dr. St. John – Orthopedic Surgeon

NeckX® Event

Frank Scotti – Professional Athlete

David McBurney

David McBurney, Athletic Trainer at The Citadel discusses the great results that athletes at The Citadel are experiencing using NECK X®.

Dr. Fair

Dr. Fair Associate Director of Athletics for Sports Medicine at the United States Naval Academy and Founder of the “Cowboy Collar” talks about how NECK X® prevents injuries!

What Our Customers Say

Client Testimonials

Product Videos

What NECK X® Is & What It Can Do For You

With NECK X® you’ll develop stronger, more flexible, more resilient neck muscles that have greater muscular endurance.

Guidelines & Instructions

Take a moment to watch our Guidelines and Instructions video with information on what the NECK X® can do for you.

NECK X® Exercise Video

This short video will show you the proper stretching and strengthening techniques for using the NECK X® in our seven different exercises.

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